Story Telling

Story Telling

Sly, C.E.O. of Slutch Tours,  is a play write, actor and a very good story teller.

He does story telling for groups and individuals on request. He does not want the rich stories which have been passed down from generation to die out. At the end of every story, there is a moral lesson to be learnt.

These stories help keep in mind the memories of Ghana always.

He also arranges traditional plays, drumming and dancing. Some of his stories include:

  1. Why the monkey is almost like a human being.
  2. Why men are bald.
  3. How death came into the world.
  4. Ananse and the mouthless Wife.
  5. Why the spider weaves in the corner of houses.
  6. The multimillion dollar question.
  7. Why everybody is looking for money.
  8. Ananse and the bearded rock.