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Get the very best of Hotel Service in the West African peninsula. The Best of What you Pay. Join as from a three(3) star Hotel to the five(5) star luxurious hotel


From Adventure of the west African Forest to the stunning scenery across west Africa from beautiful beaches, land marks and the unforgettable Traditions of and culture of the African people.


Get Further exposure on the African region with a tour guide, get some who speaks your Language and Knows the Nitty-gritties of the West African terrain.


suite yourself the best of comfort as you travel the west African terrain in vehicles that suite you office and style. Rent A Car from personal Vehicles to cooperate Vehicles.


This award winner was trained by the Ghana Tourist Board in 1992 as a freelance tour guide.
A great story teller,and negotiate interesting activities for visitors

Ever since he mounted the stage in 1992, his wealth of knowledge in the region and his ability to affect ground arrangements and negotiate interesting activities for visitors, has earned him tremendous admiration from the largest tour houses in Ghana. As a great story teller, he often does story telling for tourist groups to entertain them. He has to his credit a book (FOLK TALES FROM ASHANTI Vol 1) which is sold in most of the tourist centres across the country. In recognition of his consistency in delivery and bi-lingual skills, he has won 2 awards, the best tour guide of the year in 1998 and 2008 respectively in the Ashanti region (Forest Zone). The Agency arranges traditional naming ceremony, home stays, traditional marriages ceremony, safaris and cultural tours among others throughout the country and even to neighbouring countries such as Togo and Benin.

  • Story Telling #1
  • Adventures #2
  • African Traditions #3
  • Customer Relationship #4

Our Tours

We have a wide range of exciting and interesting places and events for our clients
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Adventural Tours

Places to visit:-
1. Buabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary
2. Kintampo waterfall
3. Mole Game reserve
4. Larbanga Mosque
5. Mystery Stone
6. Black & white Power Shrine
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Festival Tours

2 Nights Stay in a 4 star Hotel In Accra
2 Nights Stay in a 3 Star Hotel on the Beach front In Cape Coast
2 Nights Stay in a 3 Star Hotel in Kumasi
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Cultural Tour

3 Nights Stay in a hotel in Accra.
3 Nights Stay in a Hotel in Akosombo
2 Nights Stay in a Hotel on the Beach Front in Cape Coast
3 Nights Stay in a hotel on the Beach front in Takoradi
3 Nights Stay in a Hotel in Kumasi.
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3 Nights Stay in a 4 star Hotel in Accra 3 Nights Stay in a 3 Star Hotel on the Beach Front in Cape coast. 3 Nights Stay in a 3 star Hotel in Kumasi


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